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Bernard Salt AM is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community.

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Bernard Salt is a futurist who uses demographic and social data to interpret how society and business is changing.  He believes that Middle Australia in particular is on the move … morphing in a new direction and having an impact on spending and work habits. 

He predicted the seachange shift last decade and in fact popularised the term nationally.  However Bernard is perhaps best known over recent years for his popularising of the term “smashed avocado” which is now recognised globally as a symbol of intergenerational differences.   

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Bernard Salt is one of the most quoted and widely-read social commentators in Australia.  His books, columns and corporate presentations are followed by all levels of business, government and the broader community.

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Bernard writes two weekly columns in The Australian newspaper both published on a Saturday.

Bernard has previously written columns for Australian Property Investor, The Deal magazine, Wish Magazine, the Melbourne Herald Sun op-ed page, Property Australia and Adelaide’s Sunday Mail.

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Bernard Salt has been a columnist with The Australian newspaper for a decade and a half. 

He started writing columns in Thursday’s Primespace in the business section but is now writing for The Weekend Australian Magazine as well as for Saturday’s Inquirer in Salt on the Census where he looks at social trends through the lens of the most recent census.

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