Bernard Salt AM is a futurist who uses demographic and social data to interpret how society and business is changing.  He believes that Middle Australia in particular is on the move… morphing in a new direction and having an impact on spending and work habits. 

He predicted the seachange shift last decade and in fact popularised the term nationally.  Bernard was also one the first commentators to cite the rise of different workplace expectations between the generations.

However Bernard is perhaps best known over recent years for his popularising of the term “smashed avocado” which is now recognised globally as a symbol of intergenerational differences.   He used the term in a satirical column published in 2016 and since then it has spread globally.  The Americans for example now refer to the avocado toast generation.

Bernard Salt is an experienced and compelling speaker.   His presentations arealways energetic, edgy and at times laugh-out-loud funny.  His observations are insightful and his material is fact-based and tailored to individualaudiences.

Bernard speaks at all kinds of business events including keynotes at conferences, workshops, off-site retreats and boardroom briefings.  He speaks regularly throughout Australia and New Zealand and internationally several times per year.

The Australian says that “Bernard Salt cuts, slices and dices contemporary Australia with a precision no other social commentator can match.”

The Age has described his style as “part stand-up comedian, part number-crunching economist.”   One journalist has described him as “quick witted and dynamic as a public speaker … articulate and holds an audience exceptionally well.”

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